Moving Your Houseplants: 1 Week Before Moving Day

Moving Advice for Moving Houseplants and Garden Plants Part 2


Moving Houseplants
Preparation the Week before Moving Day


Kill Plant Pests

Check plants and soil for bugs, mildew, and any kind of disease your plant might have. You would want to take steps to rid your plants of these things before moving: you don’t want to contaminate your new place with them.

There are different ways to attack possible problems, best to check with your local nursery or a good plant book for specific plant pests and remedies. Anything that can’t be cured in time, leave behind.

To kill bugs and sterilize soil, you could put all your plants into your garage and set off a bug bomb or you could place your plants in a black plastic bag with bug powder or a pet flea collar. You would not want to set your plants outside afterwards, new insects could climb on while the plants are waiting to be moved.

Insecticides may contain dangerous chemicals, so use them with care, away from pets and children, always following directions on the label.

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