Moving Your Houseplants: The Day Before Moving Day

Moving Advice for Moving Houseplants and Garden Plants Part 3


Moving Houseplants
Preparation the Day before Moving Day


Prune Larger Plants

Pruning back new growth produces bushy attractive plants and makes them more compact to fit into moving van or back of car.
Best to check with a plant book or your local nursery how to prune your different plants because not all plants like pruning. Succulents and ferns do better without it.


Take Cuttings of Outdoor plants being left behind

If you decide for one reason or another you cannot take your plants along, consider taking cuttings. This is a great option for your favorite outdoor plants since landscaping plants are sold with the house and need to stay.
Take cuttings the day before your move, wrapping them in wet peat moss or newspaper and then put them inside unsealed ziploc bags (plants need air to breathe). Place the bags in a box and secure them upright with light packing material so that the wetness is contained . The cuttings should survive several days’ travel and be ready to take root in your new home.

Water Plants Normally

One or two nights before your move, water your plants normally. Don’t overwater, even if you expect warm temperatures. Overwatered plants can grow fungus during transit in warmer weather, or freeze in winter weather.

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