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Moving Tips For When On The Road With Your Pets


Movers Directory Tips When Moving With Pets

Movers Directory Guide – Moving With Pets If you’re traveling by car, keep your pet cats and pet dogs in carriers large enough to accommodate both food and water bowls plus a small letterbox. Stop about every two hours to give larger pets some fresh air. Be sure to use a leash if you let your pets out. Maintain a comfortable car temperature for all pets, and don’t ever leave animals alone in a car on a hot day. Even with the windows cracked, this can be fatal. Birds and other small pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, and the like) are especially susceptible to drafts and heat. Cover cages to keep animals calm and well protected, and remove water bottles except during rest-stop water breaks.


Travel Checklist When Moving With Pets

  • Veterinary records, certificates, and recent photos
  • Medications
  • Beds (pillows, towels, or other crate liners)
  • Plastic bags and scoops for dogs
  • Your pets’ usual foods and plenty of water from the home you’re leaving (changing their water source can be disorienting and upset their stomachs)
  • Food and water bowls, a can opener, and resealable lids
  • Leashes for cats and dogs
  • Litterbox for cats
  • Cage covers for birds and rodents
  • Paper towels for messes
  • Toys, chew bones, and treats
  • Provisions for the first day at the new home

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