Guide to Moving With Pets: Moving In & Settling In

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Moving In & Settling In With Your Pets

Movers Directory Tips When Moving With Pets

Some Helpful Dog And Cat Care When Moving In:

Again, choose a small room in your new home to be the “pet room”, where dogs and cats can feel secure as you move in furniture and belongings. As much as possible, have furniture, bowls, and toys in place before you let your pets out of their crates.

Don’t let pets outdoors without a leash until they’ve adapted to their new surroundingsā€”several days to a week for cats; dogs adapt more quickly.

Continue giving your pets water from home for the first few days.

If your pets misbehave, consider ways to reduce their stress. If you suspect they may be ill, make a veterinary appointment. Don’t punish your pets for initial misbehavior.

Cats especially will not understand, and distrusting you will only increase stress and stress-caused behaviors.

Clean up “accidents” immediately. Animals tend to repeat behaviors in the same areas, so remove odors as quickly as possible.